"My husband and I found our perfect “forever” house unexpectedly. The only imperfection was that it required us to pack up and sell our current home with our family living in it. Both our realtor and my husband thought this was impossible.  We have two little boys, a giant dog and hundreds of toys, every piece of school art ever sent home and my husband’s closet which still includes all his clothes from college (he is far from college). In came Deb. In her first visit she went thru our entire house to help us stage and pack up what wouldn’t be essential in the weeks before we moved. She cleaned, packed boxes, gave us advice on the rooms and most importantly, helped calm us down in a completely stressful time. As we prepped for the sales she answered every question that I had, no matter the time. On the day we listed - we received 2 offers!

Fast forward to the move, Deb was here first thing in he morning. From start to finish, we were completely unpacked in 2 days! Most importantly, the way Deb helped us do it. My kids never felt like they didn’t have their rooms and their stuff.

I can’t recommend Deb enough. She helped us thru this process every step of the way. We credit her to our immediate sell of the house and to how comfortable we are now in our current house. She became part of our family during the move and helped us stay semi calm in this extremely stressful time!"


Rachel G., Philadelphia

"When it came time to get our house ready to go on the market, we had no idea where to start. After almost a decade in the house, and two little kids, there was simply too much stuff. We are fortunate to have found Debra right in time. She promptly met with us to see the house, understand our goals, and formulate a plan that would meet our deadlines. She then helped us clean out, organize, and pack our things in a manner that was both efficient and fun. Now it is very easy to get ready for showings and open houses because our home is de-cluttered, and there is place for everything. Debra has made a stressful process smooth and simple!"


Ivy O., Philadelphia

"Debra truly has a gift for seeing an organized light at the end of a messy tunnel. Not only is she great at de-cluttering, she's even better at putting processes into place that help to keep spaces neat and organized. Anytime I feel overwhelmed with a space — whether it's a closet, my pantry or basement - I call Debra and she's able to help me Sort it Out."


Ruth W. 

"We completed a construction project five years ago, but we never attempted to 'reclaim' the basement, which was full of dust-covered belongings. With Debra's help, we cleaned and organized the basement — finally! We threw out or donated a lot of the clutter; what we kept is neatly boxed and marked. The room is no longer an embarrassment. My friends want to know — how did I do it? I could never have accomplished this alone. Thank you, Debra, for your expert advice and hard work!"


Miriam E., Philadelphia

"We are so glad to have had Debra's help organizing our house! She is efficient and practical and great at making a plan on the spot. As a fellow parent, she understands how kids' stuff accumulates and can help a family reach workable solutions for staying organized."


A happy, excited & forever client, Blue Bell

"What a wonderful experience I just had! Debra from Sort it Out Philly just left my house and I feel like a new person. My whole life staying organized has been a problem. It causes me great anxiety. I never know where to start and usually just ignore the clutter. Moving made me have to confront the issue.

Once we moved, we unpacked the necessities and kind of just stopped. My closet was full of trash bags with clothes shoved in them. I found myself wearing and washing the same things over and over. Debra came over today and not only unpacked and organized my closet - she did so without judgement. And she gave me tips on how to keep it in order. She even showed me how to fold! I can't wait to have Debra come back and unpack and organize my garage still filled with boxes. My only regret is that I didn't have her pack me for my move!"


Wendy, Philadelphia

"Debra helped me clean out and organize several rooms in my house, and I've enthusiastically recommended her to my friends ever since! I'm fairly organized in general, but with Debra's help I was able to tackle some particularly daunting areas and do it at least five times faster than I could have without her. She has a talent for knowing what to keep and what to throw out, she's super efficient, and she's particularly helpful when it comes time to push through the very last part of a project to finish it once and for all."