Why do you want to work with other peoples’ messes?
Plain and simple: I get satisfaction out of it. I like the feeling of a streamlined room and hearing clients say, “This is so much better. This just makes sense.”

Where do you begin?
Every client's space is different. Sometimes we start off talking and sometimes we start off straightening up to get a sense of how the space currently functions. 

How do you operate?
People have a need and I’m answering it. If you are using my services, I will start in whatever room is the source of your stress. I just want to help. I like to walk into a room and survey it. If you can’t see the floor, I start by working with you to clean up. To put things back where “they belong.” Or, at least, putting things with like things. So sometimes we empty out and go through and put back. Other times, we move furniture and add storage units to open a space up and make it make more sense.

Will you make me throw stuff away?
If you’ve hired an organizer, you probably have come to terms with the fact we will be recycling, donating or throwing away. People usually do not realize how much they actually have until we start going through stuff. I will always make suggestions based on the amount of storage space available and sometimes it does become an open discussion.

Do you use a particular company’s organizational systems?
Sometimes people just place things in a space poorly. I can suggest putting it in a different way. But I try to use what people have in their houses first. Smaller bins and shelves. People don’t buy shelving – they tend to purchase huge baskets and tubs and throw everything in, but then it's hard to find anything.

What type of work don’t you do?
I’m not a maid, but I'll move the furniture around so you can vacuum. I’m not a therapist, but I'm a good listener and sometimes situations require a good chat. And I’m not a decorator, but I'll make suggestions for placement of furniture or furniture purchases. Everyone has their own taste; I’m happy to recommend a shape of furniture or utility tool that will fit with the space. I’ll even do the homework and send you links to suggested purchases.

What if I want you to do work on more than one room?
I work on an hourly basis, but if you agree that you need my services for other parts of your home, I'm happy to do it. I want to make sure my job is done.