2018 Rates

Organizing Services  

  • Baseline rate is $60/hr
  • De-cluttering: paring down and condensing to make your belongings more accessible
  • Organizing: arranging belongings so that everything has a place
  • Downsizing: from bigger to smaller, helping you make the tough choices about what to get rid of and what to keep
  • Prepping space for renovations: Don't want your things to get dusty? We will clear out the unwanted items and pack up the rest to keep safe from construction dust. 

Moving and Relocating

  • Packing with a purpose!
  • Staging to prepare for house sale (Pictures available on request)
  • Project manage your move

$25 Service Fee for box purchase

Annual Pare Down- $1475 Annually  

4 visits on a quarterly basis up to 6.5hrs per visit or up to 25 hours used as needed. The annual year can begin when you use your first visit. 

  • Pare down any excess paper accumulated.
  • Help create a working filing system for any paper that needs to be kept.
  • If  there is an area that needs more space I will shift things around to make more room.
  • Will educate persons in the office of any new systems put in place. 
  • Help streamline all systems in the office. 
  • Any other needs that come up!
  • Using this package your office will always have a place to put things away and most importantly eliminate any feelings of anxiety that your workspace is disorganized!

Now Accepting Credit Cards!

CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT: All information that you disclose to me is confidential and will not be shared with any other person.